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DDD Perth

DDD Perth is an inclusive conference for the Perth tech community.

About DDD Perth

DDD Perth is an inclusive non-profit conference for the Perth software community. Our goal is to create an approachable event that appeals to the whole community, especially people that don't normally get to attend or speak at conferences. We do this by:

  • Making the ticket price as low as possible ($60)
  • Running the event on a Saturday
  • Allowing anyone to submit about any software industry related topic
  • Having a democratically chosen agenda
  • Focussing on creating a safe and inclusive environment where everyone is welcome
DDD Perth logoDDD Perth 2021 logo

Furthermore, DDD Perth aims to both create opportunities for underrepresented minorities, juniors and first-time speakers to present as well as influence the wider software industry to encourage such opportunities more broadly.

What do we do with the money we raise?

DDD Perth is run by DDD WA Inc., a non-profit association. All funds raised as part of running DDD Perth, selling merchandise on Red Bubble or any other activities are used for:

  • Running current, or future, DDD Perth or DDD By Night events
  • Sponsoring events or meetup groups in the WA software industry that align to the purpose and goals of DDD Perth
  • Other activities that contribute to the WA software industry and align to our purpose and goals

What does DDD stand for?

DDD Perth started out its life as part of the Developer! Developer! Developer! series of events and while our heritage is as a developer-focussed conference, DDD Perth is not just for developers, but for all professionals in the software industry. These days we don't expand DDD - it's not an acronym for us anymore, but if people insist then we might say Designer, Developer and Data Scientist, or is it DevOps, Data architect, distributed tester?


DDD Perth was founded in 2015 by Rob Moore and Matt Davies and since 2018 it has been run by DDD WA Inc.. Meet this year's team.

The original DDD Perth logo was:

Original DDD Perth logo

DDD Perth has been held on the following dates:

Developer! Developer! Developer! started in 2005 in the United Kingdom as a community conference organised by software developers for software developers. Its since spread all over the UK and Australia.

DDD was set up with a number of key elements in mind, which hold true for all DDD conferences held worlwide:

  • It is free / low cost
  • It is on a Saturday
  • An open submissions process
  • A democratically chosen agenda

Sister events

We have a number of sister events across Australia:

DDD Melbourne logo DDD Sydney logo DDD Brisbane logo