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2016 Agenda

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Main Room
Side Room 1
Side Room 2
8:30 Registration
9:00 Welcome and house-keeping
9:15 KEYNOTE - Nigel Dalton
Mars, Cars, Stars and VR - developing resilience for a crazy future
10:00 Changeover
10:05 Fun with IoT and the Raspberry Pi 3
Paul Usher
Consumer Driven Contracts - Mean what you say and say what you mean
Rob Crowley
An Agile Retrospective
Rob Moore and Chris Gilbert
10:50 Morning tea
11:10 How to build (and retain) an amazing team
Andrew Harcourt
Building Droids with JavaScript
Andrew Fisher
Building a conversational user interface
Norman Noble
11:55 Changeover
12:00 Modern Authentication
Matt Davies and Rob Moore
What makes React different?
Jake Ginnivan
What's It Like Being a Open Source Maintainer Anyway?
Brendan Forster
12:45 Lunch
Ground floor (downstairs)
RoboCup Junior Australia Rescue Robots
All Saints College students
13:45 CQRS and Event Sourcing For The Win!
Ashley Aitken
Banish the boilerplate - using pipelines to go faster
Graeme Foster
Low Latency designs from London Finance
Lee Campbell
14:30 Changeover
14:35 Random Failures of Architecture I Have Committed
Colin Scott
Universal Windows: The Right Way
Ryan Preece
Brendan and Cristian Unplugged
Brendan Forster and Cristian Prieto
15:20 Afternoon tea
15:35 Sponsor announcements and PRIZE DRAW!!!
16:10 LOCKNOTE - Lars Klint
The Force Awakens: Mastering Your Inner Developer
16:55 Thank yous and wrap up
17:00 Afterparty

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