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DDD Perth

DDD Perth is an inclusive conference for the Perth tech community.

Work With Us

DDD Perth cannot happen each year without a committed group of volunteers. There is heaps to get done both in the lead-up to, and on the day of the event itself.

If you would like to be part of the community that makes DDD Perth happen, check out our current open volunteer opportunities below - and sign up! On the form below, you can nominate your interest in more than one role as well, if you're up to it.

Volunteer Opportunities

👩‍🏫 Speaker Mentor
Once talks are chosen, we run training sessions for speakers to give them advice and tips on putting together and performing their presentation. These sessions usually have a few mentors who can give advice to speakers, or who can one-on-one pop out and go through things a bit more in-depth with a first time speaker if needed.
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🎁 Speaker Gift Elves
Organising, planning, assembling and packing speaker gifts. This is a role that requires some time in the lead up to the conference. The gifts will be sourced already and there will be some time elected (probably in the evening) where a small group will come together with the committee member leading this initiative to assemble the packs. Important note, this is not a standalone role and will be coupled with an "on the day" operational role. Please advise if there are any roles that you specifcially do not want to be assigned. Or if you have another area of interest in an operational role on the day that would be a great help too!
🎤 Room MC's
Room MC, Coordinator, host.. Whatever the right name is. The person who stands in front of the audience in a selected room and makes that room HAPPEN! You are responsible for ensuring each session starts and finishes on time, the speakers are mic'd up and everone behaves themselves. So it goes without saying - you need to be comfortable speaking in front of large audiences, good at timekeeping and able think on your feet.
💬 Social Buzz
On the day, one volunteer per room whose sole job is to take a couple of photos and publish social posts about each talk (Tweets and LinkedIn)
🏃‍♀️ General Runners/Ushers
General assistance and working under the guidance of the team lead on the day. Ushers simply make stuff happen and are paramount to the effective running of the conference while things are in flight. From herding large groups of people between rooms, enforcing room capacity numbers and bringing a thing from one side of the venue to another becasue someone needs it - prepare for the unexpected!
🎟 Admission
Responsible for working under the direction of a team lead to efficiently check delegates into the venue/conference using the nominated digial check-in tool. You will be required to attend a pre-event training session to ensure familiarity and your ability to work in a high pressure environment during the check-in period. The idea here is that this group of people are the same as those from Bump In thus will need to be available from 6am
↔ Bump In/Out
Requires the Volunteer to be available for a 6am start on the day of the event and able to take direction from a team lead with regards to the effective flow of equipment, supplies and setup from the loading dock to their intended location. Thus it is important volunteers are physically fit, free form any injury that may hinder them from undertaking light to medium lifting and repetitive tasks.
📷 Photography
PHOTOGRAPHERS! as you know, or if you don't yet you are about to find out. DDD LOVE creating a social buzz and having swathes of pictorial evidence of the fun our attendees, speakers and volunteers have on the day. So if you self-identify as a photographer, and have a super expensive snazzy camera PLEASE REGISTER YOUR INTEREST!
🤝 Concierge
Works with Gold level sponsors to ensure they maximise the value derived from their partnership with DDD. This includes help with designing their booth experience and assistance on the conference day. This role is required in the lead-up to the event and it would be great to hear if there are some operational roles that are required on the day that you may also be interested in.