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2015 Agenda

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Main RoomSide Room
Burswood on Swan
1 Camfield Drive, Burswood
9:00Welcome and housekeeping
9:15KEYNOTE - Tatham Oddie
What happens when...?
10:00Morning tea
10:20Colin Scott and Zulhafiz Akbar
Microservice design patterns for line of business applications
Brendan Forster
How Git Corrupts The Mind
11:10Doug Paice
Let Azure Machine Learning APIs teach your app to be smarter.
Mitch Denny
Patterns for Internet-of-Things Projects in Azure
12:55Jake Ginnivan
What makes React different?
Greg James
Cordova and Xamarin - Mobile dev from the trenches
13:45Cristian Prieto
Containers, Docker and... Cats!
Herdy Handoko
.NET actor programming with Akka.NET
14:30Afternoon tea
14:50Damian Brady
Octopus Deploy or How to Stop Deploying like an Idiot
Rob Moore and Matt Davies
Microtesting: How We Set Fire To The Testing Pyramid While Ensuring Confidence
15:35Sponsor announcements and PRIZE DRAW!!!
16:15LOCKNOTE - Joe Albahari
Why Pointers Still Matter
Including thankyous
19:00Event finish


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