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DDD Perth

DDD Perth is an inclusive non-profit conference for the Perth software community.

Our goal is to create an approachable event that appeals to the whole community, especially people that don't normally get to attend or speak at conferences. See our Code of Conduct.

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VenuePerth Convention and Exhibition Centre

DateSaturday 4th August 2018


Important Dates

Note: All dates in +0800.

Monday Apr 30

10:00pmCall for presentations open

Monday Apr 30

10:00pmTicket sales open

Sunday Jun 3

11:59pmCall for presentations close

Saturday Jun 9

11:00pmVoting open

Sunday Jun 17

11:59pmVoting close

Saturday Jun 30

06:00pmAgenda published

Saturday Aug 4

08:00amConference day

Keynote speakers

Towards a welcoming Web

Karolina Szczur

Karolina Szczur
Community leader, product designer and front-end engineer
(@fox |

The Internet is supposed to be an open, accessible platform. Unfortunately, frequently we see pitfalls in reliability, accessibility or performance stemming from a privileged understanding of connectivity, cultural and economic context. It turns out, the Web can be unwelcoming to many. This talk will set the necessary context for an inclusive design practice, focusing on accessibility, performance and equality. We'll learn how to foster a user-experience focused culture, no matter whether you're a developer, designer, project or business owner. You will leave inspired to build a better Web for everyone.

Web Frontend dev Design and UX

Karolina has worn many hats over the last decade—a designer, front-end developer, community leader as well as diversity and inclusion activist. Currently, she's a front-end engineer at HelpScout. She's also advising Calibre, a web performance monitoring platform aiding in building a faster, more accessible Web for everyone. She writes and speaks about tech industry culture and ethics, relentlessly pushing towards more diversity and welcoming spaces. Her pieces have been published in Huffington Post, Smashing Magazine, Adobe, The Pastry Box, Creative Bloq and Hack Design amongst others. With over twenty conferences under her belt, Karolina is also a seasoned organiser, previously curating such well-known events as JSConf and CSSConf Australia or JSConf Europe.

The Structure of Software Revolutions

Mike Long

Mike Long
Partner at Praqma
(@meekrosoft |

This talk will provide a new view of the Agile and DevOps movements, through the lens of scientific and cognitive revolutions. It will show how to make strategic choices in recruitment, organization, culture, and technology to best situate an organization for success in this brave new world.

DevOps Agile Continuous Delivery Leadership

Mike is a Partner at Praqma, a Continuous Delivery and Devops consulting company based in Scandinavia. He has extensive experience delivering software in various cultures and industries. He helps organize several community events and conferences, including CoDe Academy which teaches Continuous Delivery to university students. Mike is a trustee on the cyber-dojo foundation.

Better mental health in the workplace

Mark Leopold

Mark Leopold
Head of Workplace Engagement for beyondblue

Mark Leopold, beyondblue’s Head of Workplace Engagement, will discuss the importance of improving workplace mental health. Attendees will learn about best practice approaches in workplace mental health and strategies for adopting an integrated approach to workplace mental health including: minimising risk, supporting those with mental health conditions and promoting the positives within the workplace. This session will include introduction to resources to help people and organisations take effective action to improve workplace mental health. Mark is a passionate advocate for workplace mental health. Informed by his personal experience with depression and experience across numerous industries, Mark discusses the topic in a relatable manner; helping people and organisations to take action.

Soft skills Leadership Teams

Mark Leopold is Head of Workplace Engagement for beyondblue, a national organisation that provides information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health. Prior to beyondblue, Mark gained 25 years of operational and management experience across a diverse array of industries. He joined beyondblue because he understands the benefit that professional men and women can gain by working in mentally heathy workplaces; as a member of the beyondblue team he helps to stimulate more conversations within Australian organisations. He's a passionate advocate of Heads Up – an initiative of beyondblue and the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance ( Heads Up is all about giving individuals and businesses the tools to drive change and create more mentally healthy workplaces. Mark keeps mentally and physically healthy by working, running, lifting, strumming, golfing and laughing. His wife Sara and two daughters, Annalise and Sienna, are a great support to each other.

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