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2018 Agenda

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Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
21 Mounts Bay Rd, Perth
Upstairs foyer (Level 3)
8:45Welcome and housekeeping
VGW Ballroom 2
9:00Welcome to country
VGW Ballroom 2
9:10KEYNOTE - Karolina Szczur
Towards a welcoming Web
Sponsored by: YOW! Perth
VGW Ballroom 2
10:05Aaron Powell
Securing Single Page Applications
Rimma Shafikova, Diana Mozo
Looking for a pet project? Here is a list of humanity's biggest challenges.
Rob Crowley
Service Meshes - Powering the next wave of microservice architectures
Scott Percival
Reverse Engineering is Good and also For Everyone
10:50Morning tea
Upstairs foyer
11:20Chris Filipowski
Thinking in Streams - gentle introduction to reactive programming via RxJS
Will Webster
Building Highly Engaged Teams
Brandon Lewis
Blockchain: More than cryptocurrency!
Ming Johanson
What to do with our unconscious bias.
11:50Ben Lowry
You're doing TypeScript wrong
Patrik Affentranger
Toxic Developers and You
Cairo Malet
How to win friends and comply with the Notifiable Data Breaches scheme*
Wes Wilson
Machine Learning to Diagnose Childhood Brain Tumours
12:20Teresa Watts
Sketching & how to win at Pictionary
Donna Edwards
Creating a ‘best place to work’ culture
Hadi Eskandari
MicroServices UI Composition
Dylan Pindur
Delightful Frontend Development: An Intro to Elm
Upstairs foyer
13:15LUNCHNOTE - Mike Long
The Structure of Software Revolutions
Sponsored by: Bankwest
VGW Ballroom 2
13:45Lunch (continued)
Upstairs foyer
14:05William Sia
Serverless Cloud Native Progressive Web Apps in Production : Lesson from the Trenches
Eumir Gaspar
Overcoming fear, anxiety and doubt as a developer
Phil Delalande
10 UX principles you should know about
Rami Ruhayel, Valeria Spirovski
DDD from the trenches
14:35Ashley Aitken
Understand Functional Programming in 40 Minutes (or your Money Back*)
Michelle @ Microsoft
Rise of the Tech Influencer - Small steps you can take to increase your reach
Mandy Michael
Functional HTML
Graeme Foster, Rob Moore
Advanced Testing Techniques: Tips from the trenches
15:20Afternoon tea
Upstairs foyer
15:50Prize Draw
VGW Ballroom 2
16:20LOCKNOTE - Mark Leopold
Better mental health in the workplace
Sponsored by: YOW! Perth
VGW Ballroom 2
17:05Thank yous and wrap up
VGW Ballroom 2
Upstairs foyer


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