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DDD Perth

DDD Perth is an inclusive conference for the Perth tech community.


When and where is it?

The event will be held on Saturday 14th August 2021 at Perth Convention Centre. Doors will open at 8:10am and we'll finish at 5:10pm .

How much does it cost to attend?

$60 covers your entry, food and coffee all day! Amazing value right!? We are able to keep the ticket price so low thanks to our generous sponsors. DDD Perth is a non profit event and any excess will be kept as part of a fund for future events and/or donated to charity.

[Financial Assistance] What if I can't afford to attend?

If you can't afford the ticket price then we have Sponsored (Financial Assistance) tickets available. DDD Perth is donating 10 such tickets and we also have an option for people within the community to donate further tickets. The only requirement for eligibility is that you can't afford the ticket; you can access the Financial Assistance tickets by selecting the Financial Assistance ticket.

  • Already attended a conference in the past? That's ok.
  • Already received a sponsored ticket in the past? Still ok.
  • Don't have much (or any) experience with the technology featured at DDD Perth? That’s ok, too.
  • Don't want to take money away from someone else? Really, it’s ok, everyone says that!
  • Don't feel like you deserve this? That’s also ok: you do.
Is this just for software developers?

No! While our name implies we are just about devs, our events are aimed at all professionals in the software industry - developers, testers, designers, analysts, managers, etc.

How is the agenda chosen?

DDD Perth is a community driven event with core values of inclusion and democratic engagement. Proposed sessions are anonymised and voted for by the public, but some curation is inevitably required to produce an agenda that meets our inclusion goals. We aim to maximise the impact of every vote in the process, and always look to the community first in our decision making.

Will refreshments be provided?

Yes, attendees will receive lunch and snacks throughout the day and we will have a coffee cart operating all day.

What about swag?

Yes, there will be a bunch of swag on offer on the day both from our swag table as well as with the various sponsors that will have booths. We have decided not to offer showbags this year as they often end up resulting in a lot of waste; this way attendees can choose the swag they want. We will have a small number of bags on offer if you need, but it may also be prudent to bring your own bag.

Will there be wifi?

PCEC has free wifi for all attendees limited to 512Kb download speed that needs to be renewed every hour.

Will childcare be available?

Yes! We will be providing childcare at this year’s conference. It will be available for the duration of the main conference and is free. You will be required to provide food for your child for the day. If you would like to book your child in then please purchase an additional ‘Childcare’ ticket when purchasing your ticket. Spots are limited!

When does registration open?

Now! Go to the tickets page to register.

Can I pay by cheque, invoice, cash, Coinye West?

Payments can be made with credit card using Tito via our tickets page when registrations are open.

Can I cancel/give my ticket to someone else?

You are welcome to send someone else in your place. Please do this through Tito.

What is the hashtag for DDD Perth?

The Twitter hashtag is #DDDPerth.

Will I be photographed or filmed?

Media personnel authorised by DDD Perth will be in attendance. These media personnel will respect the photo policy as defined in the Code of Conduct.

I want to be involved. Can I help?

We are always looking for volunteers and sometimes looking for organisers! It takes a lot of effort to organise a volunteer-run conference like DDD Perth. Shoot us an email at [email protected] and we can work with you to figure out the best way to assist.

How can I contact the organisers?

We can be contacted via email at [email protected] and Twitter at @DDDPerth. See also the other Social Media accounts at the footer of this page.

How can I sponsor DDD Perth?

DDD Perth will be heavily publicised in the community and we believe offers a unique marketing and recruiting opportunity based on being attended by people that don't normally get to go to conferences. It's also a great chance to give back and support the local software community. We have various levels of sponsorship available with various benefits and price points. We have a sponsorship prospectus that will be provided on request that explains detailed benefits and impact of sponsorship and the difference between the various levels; if you would like a copy please contact us.

How can I go to this kind of thing more often?
Who are the organisers?

DDD Perth is organised by DDD WA Inc. a non-profit organisation set up to create inclusive events for the WA software community. DDD Perth 2021 is organised by:

Furthermore, we have many others who volunteer and have assisted with organisation in the past