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DDD Perth

DDD Perth is an inclusive conference for the Perth tech community.

DDD Perth 2022 Conference Day Information

Getting There

Our Venue page has more information on how to get to the conference.


DDD Perth 2022 consists of nine tracks, which will be run out of the Riverside Theatre, and Meeting Rooms 1 through to 8. The Keynote and Locknote will take place in the Riverside Theatre. You can view the full agenda online.

Rooms will be clearly marked on the day, as well as screens outside the rooms indicating upcoming sessions. Rooms have no particular theme, attend whichever sessions most interest you at each time slot. Note: We have a mix of 45 minute and 20 minute sessions. If you wish to move around while sessions are in progress then feel free to do so, however take care to be respectful towards our presenters.

Around the Venue

We are located on level 2 near the Riverside Theatre through to the Northern and Southern Foyers. We also have a treasure hunt running - get your checklist from the DDD Help Desk and complete the hunt for your chance to win a prize at the end of the day!


The above floorplan shows where the toilets are located on level 2. They will be "Access all toilets", which means that they are open to anyone to use regardless of disability, gender identity or any other personal attribute. We encourage you to use the most appropriate and comfortable toilet for you and not to feel pressured to use the "Access all toilets" on level 2.


Childcare is located in Meeting Room 11, opposite the DDD Perth Help Desk on Level 2. Please let us know during registration that you have a Childcare ticket and one of our organisers will help you. An email with more information is sent to all registered parents and guardians before the conference starts.

Private baby-feeding and pumping area

Level 1 has an optional baby changing and feeding room with all the facilities, close to the lifts. You are welcome to pump or feed your baby anywhere you feel comfortable, and if anyone makes you feel otherwise please let a volunteer or organiser know as per our code of conduct.


PCEC has free wifi for all attendees limited to 512Kb download speed that needs to be renewed every hour. We make no guarantees about the quality or speed of the wifi.

Food and Drink

Tea and coffee will be available throughout the day at the Coffee Carts sponsored by Planit, MOQDigital and Bunnings.

Morning Tea, Lunch, and Afternoon Tea will be provided and will be served in the Northern, Southern and Riverside Theatre Foyers. Your name tag should have a sticker with a number indicating your lunch order - if not (or if your number is zero), please see the Help Desk for advice. You can use the interactive map above to locate the food station of your choice: use the Layers icon in the top right to enable the 'Lunch' view.

Please bring appropriate precautions (epipen or other) as the Venue will have a lot of people and they can't guarantee against kitchen contaminants. This applies particularly to nut allergies.


After the event, we invite you to join us in the foyer adjoining the conference rooms for the afterparty. Some games, food and drink will be provided, while we enjoy the beautiful views over Elizabeth Quay and the Swan River.

Code of Conduct

Please familiarise yourself with the Conference Code of Conduct.

All attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers at our conference are required to agree with the code of conduct. Organisers and volunteers will enforce this code throughout the event. We are expecting cooperation from all participants to help ensuring a safe, welcoming environment for everybody.

What to do if someone makes a complaint about you?

We believe everyone here is coming from a good place, and so we expect that you're learning, just like we are.

Getting Help

Issues & Questions

Please feel free to speak to a member of the DDD Perth team who will be easily identifiable by their Volunteer DDD Perth t-shirts.

We'll identify the organisers and volunteers during the Welcome, and there will also be a help desk next to registration, attended at all times by members from our wonderful team.

You can also send a tweet to @dddperth or email [email protected].

If you wish to report an issue anonymously, you can do so using this form. We can't follow up an anonymous report, but we will fully investigate it and take whatever action we can to prevent a recurrence.

Emergency contact numbers:
  • Alex Colville - 0439 227 330
  • Rebecca Waters - 0405 100 063
  • Matt Ward - 0403 695 863


Our COVID-19 Policy explains how we're adhering to WA Government guidelines, and our expectations for attendees to enjoy the conference safely and responsibly.

Feel Unwell During the Day?



In 2022, DDD Perth will be livestreamed for the first time ever, which will improve accessibility for those in WA regions or those who can't make it to the venue on the day. Each track of the agenda will have its own livestream, which you can access from each session description on the Agenda. We also have a playlist containing all the streams for ease of access.

You can also download much of the information on this page as a PDF: Download handbook (PDF)